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The social and ecological projects who work wProyectos1ith ACI are direct beneficiaries of the volunteer work of our participants. Through the contributions of our volunteers, we support a great variety of projects in all of Costa Rica, in urban as well as rural areas. Together with volunteers and host families, they form one of the fundamental pillars of our programs.

Proyectos2We collaborate with the CEN CINAI-program of public day care centres, with institutions for special education, projects and shelters for children and youth in social risk, drug rehabilitation centres, natural reserves, organizations for wildlife protection and many more.

Our volunteers in general have to comply a work schedule of 6 to 8 hours, 5 days a week, depending on the needs and structure of each project. Every volunteer is responsible for his or her own internationProyectos3al health, liability and life insurance.

To procure an enriching and beneficial experience for all the parts involved, volunteers pass an extensive orientation process before starting to work at their projects, and we also conduct preparatory meetingsProyectos4 with projects and host families. During the volunteer quest, constant monitoring is provided through phone calls, regular visits as well as meetings for evaluation and exchange of experiences. Furthermore, the ACI staff is always available and the doors of our offices remain open for volunteers as well as for projects and families at any time.

Proyectos5This way, we aspire to not only promote a good work relationship, but also that projects, volunteers and families take part and benefit from intercultural exchange, broadening horizons and creating friendships without frontiers.

While some projects have been collaborating with us for years, we also are always open for new proposals and ideas.


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