Host Families

Our host families play a fundamental role in the volunteers´ intercultural learning process. They open the doors of their homes to our exchangees and include them into their family life, thus inviting them into the Costa Rican day-to-day life and providing them a safe spot in a foreign context. Many times the host families are the families of Costa Ricans currently on exchange abroad.

We strive to make the experience of interculturalFamHosp1 exchange accessible to as many people as possible and so our host families come from many different social contexts and live in urban as well as rural areas all over the country.

The idea with living in a host family is not to be a temporary guest, but for the volunteer to become a part of the family. This way the bonds created last, not only during the volunteering period in Costa Rica, but for the rest of your life.

To procure an enriching and beneficial hosting experience for all the parts involved, volunteers pass an extensive orientation process, we conduct preparatory meetings with host families and projects, and preferences and interests of both parts are taken into account during the assignment of volunteers to the different familiesFamHosp2.

During the stay, we make sure to do regular follow-ups with the families and volunteers, through phone calls, visits and evaluation meetings. Furthermore, the ACI staff is always available and the doors to our offices remain open for volunteers as well as for families at any time.

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