Long Term Programs


EuropaAre you dreaming of travelling, living a different culture, learning a new language?

ACI-Costa Rica allows you to make that dream real. With our volunteeering and cultural exchange programs you can immerse yourself into a new culture for 6 months or a whole year and at the same time help others through your collaboration in social or ecological projects.

GandocaThis is your opportunity for an enriching and challenging life experience while at the same time being protected and accompanied through the support of an organization with more than 40 years of experience, non-profit and deeply dedicated both to the personal growth of our participants and to the sustainable development of the communities we work with.Afiche_voluntariado

You're a foreign national and want to live Costa Rican culture up close?

You're a tic@ and want to get to know a country in Europe or some other continent?

In both cases we offer you the program most convenient for your needs and interests. Explore our website and find out what's your best option!

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